Our top 3 reasons why you should market on Instagram:

1. Instagram enforces visual content.(read: transparent).

Do you remember “show and tell” from your elementary school days? This is the exact approach social media business users should be taking. Too often businesses merely tell followers why whatever product or service their hawking is worthy of a purchase. True social media professionals and savvy businesses show and tell. Instagram not only offers easy and effective photo-sharing on its platform, but also on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Foursquare.

2. Instagram allows customer service and personal interaction.

Instagram is a fairly public social network. (Instagram customers have the option to make their accounts and pictures be private, but most users keep them public.) Many Instagrammers naturally #hashtag company names and their products or services. Voila. Now business users can see who’s sharing pictures about them by searching for relevant hashtags. Businesses with a physical location that’s listed on Foursquare can do the same, because Instagram gives users the option to “check in” at the location they took the picture. Once a business or marketer locates the relevant pictures, they can appropriately “like” and comment on them, thus generating interaction and customer service outside of the traditional marketplace.

3. It forces businesses and marketing professionals to be “mobile” thinkers.

Most of today’s social networks are mobile friendly, but some of them are inherently more computer friendly because of their complexities. For instance, many applications installed on a Facebook page are easier to view and use on a computer. By contrast, mobile-only mediums are usually simpler and more concise. After all, you can only share and take in so much information on a 2×4-inch screen. Instagram, a mobile-only medium, forces us business and marketing users to think about content in “mobile” terms, which is a good habit to get in anyway; because mobile use is expected to surpass computer use this year or next.


According to instagram.com/press/ Instagram currently has:


million monthly active users.


million photos uploaded per day.


thousand likes per minute.


comments per second.

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