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Because each social network has a unique audience, social videos have be edited & optimized for different channels. A video that works on Facebook may need some cutting before it can work on Instagram. You may have to take an entirely different approach to video on Snapchat or Twitter.
Social videos need to be shareable. Different things make content shareable, from inducing emotional reactions to the-more-traditional story telling.

Time Lapsing

Explicitly illustrate the beauty of the world around you, or make an interesting story more intriguing. A series of still images strung together to make a time-lapse motion video will create compelling content your fans will .

Motion Graphics

Graphics and animation are incredibly flexible. Simplify a complex concept, or even take the most mundane object and make it relatable and entertaining. We like to be creative with ideas, let us loose on your brand and watch the engagement start rolling in.

Video Editing

Using industry best techniques we can take your videos from boring to soaring. We can create engaging content by remixing, reimagining or professionally editing your video content. We optimize all of our video content to the platforms important to our clients.


3 ways cinemagraphs can serve brands well, by bringing their stories to life in an understated, artistic way:

  • 1. A cinemagraph is worth a thousand words. By drawing the eye to intricate details, cinemagraphs are extremely effective at capturing emotion, allowing viewers to feel as if they are sitting in the same bar, pouring the same beer.
  • 2. The effect is alluring. Cinemagraphs are great for adding a “shimmer” to an already fascinating picture. A cinemagraph has movement and shine that wouldn’t come through in a simple still.
  • 3. Lower production costs make cinemagraphs especially attractive. When developing a social media campaign, cinemagraphs offer an engaging format at a lower cost than video.


According to Nielsen, Invodo, and Comscore:


percent say seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process.


percent of mobile video consumers share videos with others


million Americans watch video on the internet


percent of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video

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