Snapchat Marketing

May 11, 2018 Brandon Mullins

Snapchat Marketing

Had you talked to us a few years ago we might have had a different opinion, but Snapchat is quickly becoming a strong social media outlet for businesses. In case you didn’t know, the app allows users to share photos and quirky videos with friends and followers. Snapchat is different, though, because content is not permanent, and disappears after a short period of time.  Lately the social app has made a lot of updates, making it more attractive to business, and marketers are starting to take note.  The app has around 26 million users in the US alone with over 400 million Snaps each day. Below we’ll discuss a few reasons why Snapchat marketing may be right for your business.

Show Off Your Personality

Like Instagram, Snapchat allows your brand to present itself in a more authentic manner. As we’ve stated in past blog entries, people gravitate to personable brands. They like transparency, and a platform like Snapchat is entirely made up of personal moments. There’s no such thing as filler content here!snap-chat-marketing-analysis

In our opinion, Snapchat works well in conjunction with more “formal” platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. We’d advise, though, to not use Snapchat as much as these other social media channels. Snapchat should be fun, and a consistent outpouring of content might actually  disengage your audience rather than connect with them. No marketer wants that! 

Deals and Promotions

It’s no secret that customers love deals and promos. Everyone wants to feel like they’re getting in on something special. By design, Snapchat allows for quirky, creative ways to offer value to your followers. Perhaps you ask consumers to respond to your Snapchat stories; Give them promo codes; Or even incentivize them to take a “Snap” at your business or with your products. There’s a multitude of possibilities for marketers here. And, given the fact that Snapchat content disappears so quickly, it makes its easier to measure reach and see who’s taking advantage of your offerings.

Snapchat Geofilters

One of the most exciting aspects of Snapchat marketing is its Geofilter capabilities. To use this feature, one must first create a design (Geofilter) and upload it to insure the piece meets Snapchat’s guidelines. Next, one must select a time and location (geofence) on a map to where users can access your handcrafted design. The square footage of your Geofence, plus the amount of time it’s active, configures the cost. If Snapchat approves your Geofilter and mapping, users can then use your  personalized filter (within the Geofence) for their Snaps. Whether it’s a city, stadium, concert venue, or just a small business, Geofilters add a higher level of personalization to user generated content. 

Ideally, Geofilters will boost your brand recognition. Used effectively, Geofilters can become a fun, yet  powerful marketing tool for businesses.

The Takeaway

Snapchat marketing allows for fun, diverse strategies for businesses. The app allows for a great deal of “outside the box” thinking, especially when compared to other platforms. There’s tons of room for experimentation. Check out this in depth look at Snapchat here. Above all else, we’d say just have fun with it. We certainly are. Now, get Snapping!

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