Social Media Monitoring

Focus groups and surveys have their place, but what if you could analyze what people naturally say about your brand every day? Our social listening tools and techniques deliver the answers you need accurately.

Consumer Personas

Create opportunities and relationships by understanding a day in the life of your customers. Use demographics and psychographics to uncover ideas & messaging that resonate with your target audiences.

Competitive Analysis

Nail your brand positioning by analyzing what the competition is doing online and who’s talking about them. Then stake your claim with a relevant, ownable niche.

Influencer Outreach

Identify top social media influencers who would love to spread the word about your subject matter to their fans, and boost your credibility among those in the know and those already inspired by your brand.


When it comes to digital, you no longer have complete control over your brand and message – your fans will review, remix and rewrite everything about you. We’re here to guide you on how to present your brand position & voice in the social media age.

Marketing Message Strategy

Turn customers into brand ambassadors by applying a fan-first approach to your business: address passions, problems and needs they express online and watch them spread the word in ways you simply can’t.

According to Pew Research Center:


percent of American  adults use at least one social media channel online.


percent of those living in the highest-income households use social media


percent of American adults over the age of 65 use at least one social media channel


million new users have come online over the last year with a social media account.  

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