Pinterest Marketing for Small Business

June 3, 2015 Brandon Mullins

Pinterest Marketing for Small Business

Small Businesses should be using Pinterest to boost their exposure. All the time.

Millions of people use Pinterest as a tool for collecting and organizing things they love. Users are able to create virtual bulletin boards about anything from organizing an event to planning a trip. With more than 1 million daily visitors, Pinterest is not only useful for personal purposes, it is also an effective business marketing tool! Pinterest can be used to generate more referral traffic, quality leads, shares on other social media sites (ie: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr), and sales!

Now, you might ask, “How is this even possible?”

As I mentioned earlier, Pinterest is essentially a very large virtual bulletin board, which allows other users (and nonusers) to browse through. You are able to create multiple “collections” (aka bulletin boards) and add “pins” to each collection. Users are then able to browse through your collections and “repin” items they may find interesting or even leave a comment! Also, the more you pin, the more you drive traffic to your Pinterest site!

However, what is exactly captivates users to continue to use Pinterest? The answer: the visualization.

People love to look at beautiful photographs of anything from nature to food to infographs! Users pin what is aesthetically pleasing to their eye! Thus, the secret to Pinterest is to pin captivating visuals to your collections! In addition, every pin is a link to the source of the image. So, if you are trying to sell a product, you can pin your product to Pinterest. If a user clicks on your pin, it will lead the user to the original link!


Still not sure how to use Pinterest effectively? Here are a few quick tips:

1. Create collections that will interest your target audience: If you are a fashion company, relate your collections to fashion. You want to make sure that your clients and potential clients take interests in all of your boards.

2. Be selective: Do not pin every single photograph or video from your company’s website! Pin the best products or the products you would like to focus more on.

3. Pin Often: Pinterest is just like any other social media site. If you do not update or create more collections, visitors will forget about you. So remember, pin, repin, follow, and comment whenever you can!

4. Write detailed descriptions: Don’t forget to write a detail description about your images! You can also use hashtags when writing your description, which will drive more traffic to your collection!

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