Outsourcing Your Social Media Marketing

August 9, 2013
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August 9, 2013 Brandon Mullins

Outsourcing Your Social Media Marketing

Social media has definitely made an impact on the world, both in society and business. Companies can utilize all the marketing benefits that various social platforms have to offer. Social platforms are an inexpensive way for telling your customers that you are there. According to a peer-reviewed McKinsey report, social technology has a business value of over $1.3 trillion. Social media also helps in human resources, with sites like LinkedIn allowing user to find jobs and post job vacancies, and offering tools like LinkedIn Talent Advantage designed especially for recruiters.
Facebook can be used to post updates, advertisements and status updates targeted to your specific demographic; Twitter and Facebook are used more as a promotional platform through which you can drive web traffic and conducting actual sales if you are savvy enough to program apps that support e-commerce on the page. Companies need the advantages that social media platforms have to offer, but, for either lack of time, or the difficulty of the learning curve, can’t manage their online marketing and promotion channels have turned to outsourcing business social media efforts.

Some smaller companies may choose to manage their own social media platforms; some may choose to outsource the management of this platform. Many companies that find it a challenge when it comes to managing their online marketing channels, due to a lack of resources and time and are intrigued by acquiring social media support by outsourcing the management of social media platforms. Keeping in mind the restraints of time, resources, and expertise, many have opted for outsourcing business social media efforts.
They have done so because the possibilities of social media are endless. Those companies who see social media channels as a top priority feel that outsourcing justifies the time and investment., and their numbers back it up. Another reason for outsourcing social media business efforts is that companies may face obstacles in coming up with fresh ideas, programs and the evolving capabilities that social media platforms have to offer and run a business at the same time. This has also led to the creation of a new type of profession, namely-social media marketing experts or consultants. These are the people who are responsible for coming up with fantastic ideas on social media marketing as they know what works and what doesn’t; they also have the advantage of testing out various marketing programs with different clients.
Outsourcing social media business efforts can also free up more time for you to focus on business operation, since your social media platforms are now in the hands of experts who can develop this channel to transform web traffic into sales.

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