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You’ve found an Instagram marketing agency. Hi! We’re Socially Buzzing. Often, when our agency offers Instagram marketing classes, we talk with business owners who have consistently underestimated Instagram and are now playing catch-up. Ignoring Instagram is no longer an option for customer-facing businesses.

Instagram is one of the most effective social platforms for marketers & business owners.

More than 173 billion photos have been shared on Instagram. With an average of 95+ million uploaded each day; that’s a ton of selfies. But it also means a lot of money for hungry brands and businesses who are figuring out how to use this fast-growing social network.

Instagram has desirable demographics.

According to Pew Research Center, 55 percent of all online 18 to 29 year olds in the U.S. are Instagrammers. Pew Research Center also found that Instagram is used by nearly all income brackets. The survey showed that:

  • 26 percent of adult Internet users who make less than $30,000 per year use Instagram
  • 27 percent of those who bring in $30,000 to $49,999
  • 30 percent of those who earn between $50,000 and $74,999
  • 26 percent of those who make over $75,000 per year.


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According to instagram.com/press/ Instagram currently has:


million monthly active users.


million photos uploaded per day.


thousand likes per minute.


comments per second.


Instagram is pure mobile and transparent.

Yes, mobile: the number one growing search platform. You just have to be on mobile. Besides that, it looks great, and makes it easy for you to look great. With such a desirable aesthetic, Instagram attracts multitudes of users and can pay dividends in brand loyalty, web traffic, and positive PR when used correctly.

Instagram doesn’t just allow your followers an insight into the personality behind your brand. It allows you to create an entire lifestyle around your product and guides your followers to feel what it is like to have your products as a part of their lives.

Challenges inherent in Instagram marketing.

Can you manage an Instagram presence? If any of this makes you uncomfortable or sounds like too much work, you may need help to be successful.

  • Daily commitment to post often and respond to feedback
  • Ability to analyze your social measurements and target new posts based upon gathered information
  • Ability to take engaging photographic and videographic content to share often
  • Ability to follow, influence and curate content from influential users
  • Functional knowledge of advertising, branding and marketing

What we can do for you

Our professional digital marketing staff will help you be outstanding on Instagram. We can help with follower acquisition, influencer marketing, generating content, brand voice development and full-on marketing strategy. Our efforts track and help generate a stream of real leads that expand your social eco-system and brand reach.

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