How Video Marketing Can Boost Your SEO

August 15, 2019 Brandon Mullins

How Video Marketing Can Boost Your SEO

How Video Marketing Can Boost Your SEO

YouTube, Vine, Vimeo…these sites are huge for a reason! Citizens of the Internet love videos.
When it comes to marketing and search engine optimization, video has evolved into a critical component for boosting search engine ratings and a higher conversion rates.
What are the benefits of harnessing video’s power? Let’s take a look!

Google Likes Videos
A 2009 Forrester study indicates that Google is 53 times more likely to rank pages with video on the first page of search results. Why wouldn’t you want to give yourself that chance?

So why do videos mean more to Google? Well, like everything about the internet – including the internet itself – has evolved. Google is smarter, according to Eric Sui of, than it used to be in the fact that

“Google now cares less about whether you’ve optimized each individual page on your site to a particular keyword and more about whether your page’s content answers the question presented by the search user.”

In short, a smarter Google now considers answers to questions somewhat more important than careful implementation of keywords.

Shares and Views = Value

When a user finds the information that gives them the answer they need, they find the information provided in your video valuable. As such, it’s more likely the user will share the valuable content, which increases the likelihood your website will rise in search engine ranks. Besides. Google owns YouTube, so does that help you see where their priorities lay?

Users Push Play
AimClear conducted a study that reveals users are 41 percent more likely to click through a web page with video rather than a page with only text.
I work almost exclusively online, so if I may, I’d like to switch my writer’s cap out for my average user’s cap. If I’m working on something – and usually I am – on the computer and I want to learn about something else at the same time, I confess I don’t have the mental fortitude to read about one subject and write about the other at the same time.
However, it’s common for me to listen to podcasts or – in this case – hit play on a video and watch and/or listen while I work.

When it comes to reading online, to me, it’s not as fast or efficient to absorb the information I’m looking for as watching or listening to a video. The more accessible your information is, the more valuable your users will find it, which will translate to higher search engine ranks.

So what are you waiting for? Get to work and plug in to the power of video today!

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