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Everything in this image is designed, there are no photo real elements except for the table and the MacBook. Everything else is crafted graphic design.


Visual Design Can Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Do you have a bold visual presence on your social media channels?
Do you want to build better online brand presence?
Using consistent visual design elements in your social media marketing efforts will bring more attention to your updates. There’s a secret that successful brands know about social: A strong visual brand helps you connect better with your followers and convey your brand’s personality.
Try to think about expressing your brand’s personality with color.  A recognizable color palette is a signature of any memorable brand.
How do you want your brand to be seen?  Is it a fun brand that inspires creativity? Bright oranges, blues or reds get this message across. More serious businesses can use greens, grays, blues and blacks.

All About Those Fonts

Like your color palette, your font choice should reflect your brand’s personality. Keep it simple, or your audience may be distracted and your message lost.
Regular use of the same fonts breed brand recognition.  Pick a few that represent your brand and incorporate them into your marketing efforts. Remember that your fonts are an extension of your brand identity, they can set a mood, and most importantly they need to be able to clearly convey information.

Use Filters

Color palettes and fonts may be things you already have in place, but have you considered adding a consistent look and feel to your photos?
Using the right filter for all or most of your pictures can reinforce your brand’s culture & personality.  A good filter, used consistently, can even make your posts more recognizable in the news feed.

The 1st step in picking out your photo filter is to decide which effects work best with your brand and existing design elements. Think about the message you’d like your images to convey. Are you warm & bright, chilly & urban or radiant & fresh? A filter that suits one brand won’t necessarily suit another.

Is there a photo filter that would work well with your brand? Consider using one to maintain a consistent look & feel to the photos you share on your social media channels.

socially-buzzing-graphic-design for social-media

This client wanted to use a consistent look for quotes and bits of wisdom for social media. No matter where you found one of their posts on the internet, you would know who it was from from the visual style.

Putting It All Together

Now that you have settled on colors, fonts and photo filters, you want to be sure to use them together every time you have new marketing materials designed (even if that material is just a Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram post). It may seem repetitive, but it will make your brand stand out from the others.
These elements will help create a strong, recognizable brand identity.

The key to social media is building a relationship with your audience. Increase that relationship by reinforcing familiarity through branding.

Featured below are some of our recent graphic design endeavors.

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