Cincinnati Instagram Marketing

July 11, 2016 Brandon Mullins

Cincinnati Instagram Marketing

Cincinnati Instagram Marketing: It’s a thing.

Although we serve… well… the entire world, we’re talking to our neighbors in Cincinnati, Ohio today. Most Cincinnati businesses are engaged online via at least one social media platform. Translation: Facebook, or Twitter which are without-a-doubt great outlets to reach online consumers and increase sales. But has your business considered Instagram?

Many business owners we speak with don’t believe that their target audience is on Instagram, especially in Cincinnati.

But the fact is that the photo sharing app is one of the fastest growing social media platforms with over 800 million active users. In addition, the app also now features paid adverting, making it more appealing to businesses. According to a study conducted late 2018, engagement with brand posts on Instagram are growing at a greater rate than brands are adopting the network. Below we detail just a few ways why your business needs Instagram.

Visual Content

We all know that images improve retention, especially on social media. Consumers are more likely to remember an image as opposed to text for a multiple of reasons. Check out these statistics regarding visual content here. Instagram capitalizes on this fact by reinforcing visual content, making photos the centerpiece of the online platform. 

Instagram’s reinforcement of visual content lends itself to added transparency, too. This is a great opportunity for any size businesses to show the day-to-day “behind the scenes” to online consumers. Since people love to know the inner workings of a business they are also more likely to relate to the employees or products they see on Instagram! Transparency makes your online brand more authentic, which is essential to social media marketing in 2016. 

Your business is losing out on potential customers every moment you don’t capitalize on Instagram marketing.

Mobile Optimization

Unlike most of the social media platforms that preceded it, Instagram is specifically geared towards mobile users. Exclusively mobile mediums are by nature simpler and more concise, allowing for visual content to take precedence over text. An App like Instagram forces marketers and businesses owners to think in “Mobile terms.” Marketers will face the challenge of conveying information and bringing the value in the most concise manner, which is tough, but also the most effective means to engage customers. This is good practice, anyway, considering that mobile search queries will likely overtake desktop searches in 2016.   

A Holistic Social Media Approach

For businesses, Instagram works best in conjunction with other social platforms. Compared to platforms like Linkden and, in some cases Facebook, Instagram allows you to brand your Cincinnati company in a more relaxed and authentic manner. A more genuine and friendly tone can round out your online presence, helping you to reach more consumers interested in your products and services.

The fact of the matter is a lot of Cincinnati business aren’t capitalizing on Instagram. And by contrast most digital marketing agencies in the area don’t offer this service. We do. Click to learn more about our Instagram marketing services. What are you waiting for?? 

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