Boosting Online Engagement

November 13, 2015
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November 13, 2015 Brandon Mullins

Boosting Online Engagement

How Brands Can Boost Online Engagement

Online engagement is key to generating leads for your business. But increasing engagement can be difficult, especially for small businesses new to digital marketing. It takes more than just being online. Below we will details ways in which brands can boost online engagement.

Know Your Target Demographic

Focusing your audience can save a lot of time and effort when trying to boost online engagement. If you know who you are trying to reach upfront, then you can tailor content towards that specific group. Today’s audiences, especially millennials, value highly specialized content, thus, traditional paid advertising—which casts a wide net—is not wildly effective. This is a give and take; Initially, less people may see you content but, even if they did reach them, would it be relevant? Would they care?  In our experience, we’ve found that it is better to narrow the audience—but not too much so—in order to maximize engagement.

Be Visual

According to a study, Content that contains images increases social shares. In fact, Facebook posts which contained an image accounted for 87% of all network interactions in 2014. The use of other visuals, such as infographic and video, are also on the rise.

Visual content increases retention and brand recognition amongst consumers. Becoming more recognizable amongst your audience will lead to a boost in online engagement, as your company will be viewed as a credible source amongst consumers and competitors alike. Generally speaking, a visual component often is the most important factor in optimizing your content online.

Encourage Feedback

Passing the microphone to your customers is a great way to boost engagement, as you will likely receive some constructive feedback regarding your business. Encouraging feedback will also in turn make your customers feel valued. Retaining clients is key to any successful company, and will aid in acquiring new customers as well. This will also potentially incentive consumers to share your content, which is the most positive form of online interaction. And more views means more engagement. Receiving constant feedback via social media will not only boost your online presence, but will likely allow your business to grow in a monetary sense as well. 

These are just a few ways small businesses can boost online engagement. Creating initial traction will be difficult but, like anything else, the more time you put in, the bigger the pay off. Cultivating relationships with consumers and other companies alike will go a long way in boosting engagement and, if you play your cards right, will benefit your business for many years to come. 

If you’re a business new to digital marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer affordable social media packages geared towards increasing your online presence.

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