Blogging and Posting Improve SEO

February 28, 2013
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February 28, 2013 Brandon Mullins

Blogging and Posting Improve SEO

Why Are Blogs & Postings Important for SEO?

By Gary Mullins

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become the name of the game and in the current Google driven world, one needs every possible tool to build SEO and create company recognition on line. There are various tools to help accomplish this result and one of the most effective weapons is Business Blogs. Why are business blogs important to any business? I have outlined several factors in this article that may answer some questions about this tool.

Blogs are the modern day version of web logs and originally were called online diaries or simply commentaries. Originally blogs were mainly used by journalists, student & writers but now they dominate the internet and have become an integral part of many online communities, both personal and business.

Blogs are easily accessible and can be used in search pages. Business blogs are the online sites which have all the content of your website along with forums for discussion. You can have new ideas and products in your business blog. As blogs are very easily accessible, your potential visitor can view your business blog and can interact with you, if he finds it worthwhile. Blogs are the most inexpensive way of promoting your website. You can have your company back link in your business blog. Business blogs are very easy to update. You can easily add and modify the content which can attract search engines.

If you still wonder why your business needs a blog then I hope the following points originally published by E2 Solutions can somehow clear your doubts.
• You can share timely information with your visitors without asking any designer to update your blog, this you can do yourself.
• If you are not happy with your e-mail marketing then blogs can pay you the money.
• The fresh and updated content of your website can allure search engines.
• Your blog can last for a long time without any expenditure. It is the cheapest marketing and promotional tool.
Benefits of Business Blogs
• Blogs can create visibility with information
• It can help your website to achieve a higher search engine ranking
• You don’t need to wait for weeks to update your content; this can be done instantly in blogs. So it can make you search engine friendly.
• This is a free marketing tool. Though you can get ROI from PPC also, but this free marketing can also get you endless ROI.

In conclusion, why are blogs so important for SEO? Simple, Google loves content, and what makes distributing updated content easy and effective? Blogs. As an easy to use content management system (CMS), blogs allow everyday individuals to post content about their industry and area of expertise, without having to know how to code web pages. Implementing a blog onto your website instantly gives your website the ability to rapidly grow in size and content. The same principle applies to timely postings on articles and news that relate to your business or niche.

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